What Makes Us Different

Looking for a firm to help you make sophisticated commercial real estate financing decisions?


As you undertake major commercial real estate initiatives, we offer strategic guidance and expert execution to help you take complex commercial real estate transactions from start to finish.

What makes Susank Capital DIFFERENT:

  • Susank Capital is a mortage banking firm that represents you, the client, by eliminating the conflicts of interest that exist in most mortgage banking firms. We are not a lender, we represent your best interests.
  • Susank Capital provides personalized service and understands the value of relationships.
  • Traditional mortgage banking involves bureaucratic decision making and dated leadership styles that can hinder smart and modern decision making in all phases of your capital structure. Susank Capital works with and provides you access to the decision makers within the lenders and capital providers that we work with. This relationship-centric approach helps ensure certainty of execution.

Creative Processes

When it comes to your deal, speed and certainty of execution are only impressive when coupled with efficiency and personalized attention.

The result is only as good as the process it took to get there. How we work defines who we are, and our processes consistently deliver the reliability our clients demand. Your financing benefits from processes that are collaborative, transparent and efficient – all designed to get you the best deal in the shortest amount of time.

Industry Leaders

A financing solution is only as strong or creative as the people who put it together.

Our financing professionals are leaders in the industry and execute each transaction with the care and customization that our clients expect. We never compromise when it comes to our people and we pride ourselves on providing the best customer experience every time.



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For your complex financing needs, we commit our full investment banking strength to develop solutions so that you can act quickly.